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Accessing data in external data sources

You can access and analyze data that is stored in external data sources, when you use Spotfire in a web browser.

Spotfire supports accessing data from a wide range of external data sources. When you work with Spotfire in a web browser, the way that you access data is different depending on the type of data source.

Salesforce and Google Analytics

With some types of external data sources, you can work entirely in the Spotfire web client. Then you do not have to make any preparations in an installed client.

This is currently possible for Salesforce and Google Analytics.

More external data sources

When you want to access data from other external data sources, you prepare content in a Spotfire installed client.

You create analysis files with prepared connections to external data sources. Then you can open the analysis in the Spotfire web client, and analyze the data from the data source.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
This help describes the web client version of Spotfire on TIBCO Cloud™. If you're looking for documentation for the installed client or other versions of Spotfire, visit the TIBCO Documentation Portal.

There you can find help for your version of Spotfire Analyst or Spotfire Business Author.