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Using marker appearance to add more information

The markers in a scatter plot provide an overview of how the data is distributed across two dimensions, the X-axis and the Y-axis. If you use colors, shapes, and sizes of the markers, further information about your data can be displayed.

A scatter plot, where all these three marker attributes are used, is shown below.

Different appearance of markers

To make use of these attributes, you simply drag the column you want to visualize from the Data in analysis flyout to any of the color, size, or shape drop targets in the scatter plot, alternatively use the scatter plot properties popover.


The data table below contains weights of people, who participate in a weight loss program.

All the data columns are represented in the scatter plot below.
  • The positions of the markers on the X- and Y-axis are based on the participants' weights before and after the program.
  • The colors distinguish the different age groups.
  • The shapes indicate the gender.
  • The marker sizes represent the weight losses.

Example of markers

See also Using tiled markers.

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