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Applying a custom expression

You can create your own expression using various mathematical and logical functions, and apply it directly on an axis in a visualization.

Note: Custom expressions can be applied to axes at many different places, for example, X-axes, Y-axes, color axes, size axes, and shape axes.


  1. Right-click the column selector for the axis where you want to use an expression of your own.

    Access custom expression dialog
  2. In the menu, select Custom expression.
    The Custom expression dialog is displayed.

    Custom expression dialog

  3. Replace the current expression by entering your own expression. See Making your own calculations and Expression language details.
    Tip: When you start typing, autocomplete functionality will suggest names of functions or column names, matching those characters you have written. Click a suggestion, and it will be added to the expression.
  4. Click OK.
    The visualization items instantly reflect the new expression.

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