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Reloading data for a single data source

When you are working with data from Salesforce, Google Analytics or saved data files in the library, you can keep the data linked to the source, so that the data is reloaded from the source each time you open the analysis. However, you may also want to reload the linked data during a session, without having to reopen the analysis. For example, if you know that data in the source is refreshed every five minutes and you want to view the absolutely latest data, then you can reload the data for a particular data source as described in this topic.

If you want to reload more than one data source in your analysis, see Reloading data instead.


You must have some data loaded in the analysis, and the analysis must be in Editing mode.
Note: You need access to Spotfire Business Author to perform these steps.


  1. On the authoring bar, click Data canvas .
  2. Make sure the data table of interest is selected in the upper-left drop-down list.
    This step is only applicable if you have two or more data tables in the analysis.
  3. Locate the node that represents the data source you want to reload and click on the button at the lower part of the node representing the data loading settings.

    If your data source lacks this type of button, then it means that the data source cannot be reloaded. For example, if the final data table has been saved as embedded using Spotfire Analyst, then you will not see any button at all on the data source. Read more about embedded data under Reloading data.

    Also, calculated data sources based on data functions or other tools in Spotfire Analyst, or data that can only use stored data (for example, data pasted from the clipboard in Spotfire Analyst or data from local files that have been uploaded to Business Author) cannot be reloaded.
  4. In the Data loading popover, click the Reload data button, .

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