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Customizing the toolbar

To the right on the toolbar, you can add shortcuts to your favorite actions and tools.

Adding shortcuts to the toolbar

  1. Right-click the toolbar and select Customize toolbar.
  2. On the flyout, find the action or tool of interest, then click and drag it to a drop target in the position you like on the toolbar.

    The shortcut is added to the toolbar.

Tip: To add many shortcuts to the toolbar, open the flyout, and click each item that you want to add as a shortcut. The items will be added to the toolbar in the order you clicked, and you can rearrange them afterwards. Just make sure the flyout is open until you are done. When the flyout is closed, the shortcuts on the toolbar cannot be moved.

Removing shortcuts from the toolbar

  1. Right-click the toolbar and select Customize toolbar to open the flyout.
  2. Find the shortcut you want to remove from the toolbar.
  3. Drag it downwards and drop it anywhere on the flyout.

    The shortcut is removed from the toolbar and returned to its original place on the flyout.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
This help describes the web client version of Spotfire on TIBCO Cloud™. If you're looking for documentation for the installed client or other versions of Spotfire, visit the TIBCO Documentation Portal.

There you can find help for your version of Spotfire Analyst or Spotfire Business Author.