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Displaying totals

You can display grand totals for columns as well as rows in a cross table. If the vertical axis is hierarchically structured, it is possible to display also column subtotals for different levels in the hierarchy.

Cross table totals

Totals are calculated using the same aggregation or expression as is used for calculating the cell values. The calculation is not based on the aggregated values shown in the cross table cells; it is by default based on the underlying data table rows. For example, if 'Average' is used as aggregation method for the cell values, the grand total average of the column is not the average of the cell values; it is the average of all the underlying data rows. This is exemplified below, where a simple data table is visualized by a cross table:

The expression used for calculating the cell values is average (Avg). The Grand total is calculated on the underlying rows ((200+300+1+9+100)/5=122), and not on the cell values.

Note: There is, however, an option to base a total on the already aggregated cell values in the cross table. If you use this option, the total will be calculated as the sum of the cell values, no matter expression used for calculating the cell values.

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