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Adding color schemes

You can color visualization items using a predefined color scheme. A color scheme can be used as it is, or used as starting point for any adjustments of the coloring.

Which predefined color schemes are available differs depending on type of data values in the column selected on the Color by axis. Some of the color schemes have built-in color rules.


  1. Right-click the visualization, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is displayed.
  2. Click Color.
    The Color section is displayed.
  3. Make sure the column you want to color by is selected on the Color by axis.
  4. In the Color scheme drop-down menu, select the color scheme you want to use.
    Note: Any color rules in the applied color scheme are displayed in the legend.


The color scheme is applied.

Example of color scheme

Color scheme example

The bar chart shows yearly average temperatures for a 20-year period. Not only the bar heights reflect the temperature values but also the bar colors. The Min-avg-max color scheme is applied. It represents values from Min to average with a gradient transition from green to black. Items representing values from average to Max are colored in a gradient transition from black to red.

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