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Navigating in a treemap hierarchy

You can navigate downwards as well as upwards in the treemap hierarchy.

Navigating downwards in the treemap hierarchy makes it possible to view the details of a level in a branch. The branch level in question fills the entire visualization, and other branches are no longer visible. After viewing the details, you can navigate upwards again.


  1. In the treemap, move the cursor over the header of the branch level you want to view the details for.
    The header becomes underlined.
  2. Click the header.
    The branch level in question fills the entire visualization. At the uppermost header of the treemap, the path of the hierarchy levels is displayed.
  3. To return to an overview again, that is, navigate upwards in the hierarchy, click the wanted level in the hierarchy path.


If you want to take a closer look at the 'New York >> Male' level, click the 'Male' header as shown below.

In the resulting treemap, you can now view more details:

To navigate upwards in the hierarchy, click (All) in the hierarchy path to return to the initial view. Alternatively, you can move only one step up in the hierarchy by clicking 'New York' instead.

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