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Displaying grand totals and subtotals as sums of the cell values

By default, grand totals and subtotals in a cross table are calculated using the same aggregation or expression that is used for calculation of the cell values, and the calculations are based on the underlying data table rows. However, it is possible to base the totals calculations on the aggregated cell values. Then totals will be calculated as the sum of the cell values, no matter expression used for the cell values.


  1. Right-click the cross table, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties popover is displayed.
  2. Select Totals.
    The Totals section is displayed.
  3. Beneath Display totals, select the totals to be visible in the cross table.
  4. If any subtotals are displayed, select their position; Before values or After values.
  5. Settings of calculations lists the expressions used for calculating the cell values on the Cell values axis. Click the expression, whose totals you want to calculate as a sum of the cell values.
  6. Select As sum of cell values beneath Calculate totals.


The total shows the sum of the cell values for the selected expression.

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