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You use the AllPrevious() navigation method, when you want to reference the current node along with all previous nodes in the level of the hierarchy.

This is exemplified below.

If, for example Q1 2019 is the current node, the use of the AllPrevious() navigation method will reference five nodes, Q1-Q4 2018, and Q1 2019.

The AllPrevious method is, in particular, used when creating cumulative sums.


Note: The expression in the example assumes that in-memory data is used.

The yearly sales figures for different fruit types are presented in the bar chart, that is, the data is sliced per Type of fruit and per Year.

Assume you want to examine the cumulative sum of sales as it grows since the start in 2016. Then you can apply the following expression on the value axis:

The expression is applied on each of slices of the data. For example, 2017, the sales of apples is 303 in total since 2016, and 2018, it is 465.

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