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Replacing a value

If you find that a value in your data table is misspelled, or, if one value has been entered on a different form than the other values in the column, you can replace that value directly from a table visualization, or from the Details-on-Demand.


Imported data (not in-database data) must be loaded in the analysis and the analysis must be in Editing mode.
In a table visualization, or in the Details-on-Demand, double-click on the value you want to replace and type a new value.

Note: These steps are used to replace a few values in a column only, not to change the formatting of a column or to replace an entire data table. If you want to combine several different categories into one, you might want to use Group from marked categories instead.

The change is applied as a transformation and does not affect the source data. For details about the different options, see the corresponding section.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
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