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Replacing all occurrences of a value in a column

You can use Replace value with the All occurrences in column-option to replace all instances of a value directly from a table visualization, or from the Details-on-Demand.

The procedure for replacing a single occurrence of a value in a column is quite similar, but that requires that a key column has been specified for the data table. See Replacing a specific value in a column for more information.
Note: These steps are used to replace a few values in a column only, not to change the formatting of a column or to replace an entire data table. If you want to combine several different categories into one, you might want to use Group from marked categories instead.


Imported data (not in-database data) must be loaded in the analysis and the analysis must be in Editing mode.


  1. In a table visualization, or in the Details-on-Demand, double-click on the value you want to replace.
    You can also right-click and select Replace value from the pop-up menu.
  2. Type a new value in the popover.
  3. Make sure that All occurrences in column is selected.
  4. Click Apply.


All instances of the value are replaced in the column and any visualizations using the data are updated.
The replacement is added as a transformation on top of your data. The original data in your data source is not affected by this change. This means that if the underlying data is reloaded, the transformation will be reapplied after the reload and any additional rows matching the rule will also be replaced in the analysis. If the underlying value is changed in the source data, so that the transformation is no longer applicable, you will see an indication about this in the data canvas.
Tip: You can remove a previously added 'replace value'-operation from your data table. See Removing operations in the data canvas for more information.

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