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Creating a filter transformation

Filtering out data using filters, or deleting marked rows, might sometimes not be permanent enough to remove unwanted data from your analysis, because reloading the data or resetting the filters might bring the undesired data back. If you want to make sure that values gets permanently removed, you can instead add a filter transformation.

In Spotfire Business Author you create such a transformation by filtering out the undesired data and creating a transformation based on the currently filtered rows.


You must have some data loaded in the analysis, and the analysis must be in Editing mode.


  1. In the Filters panel, or in the Data in analysis flyout, filter your data to include only what you want to keep in the analysis.
  2. When you are done, right-click the filter and select Create filter transformation from the pop-up menu.
    A transformation is added to the data table, where the filtered out data is excluded. You can review or remove the transformation from the Data canvas at any time.


The added transformation will exclude rows based on a boolean expression which is created from the modified filter in the selection. Only those rows matching the expression (the rows for which the expression is True) will be included in the data table.

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