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Streaming data from TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams

With TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire you can analyze streaming data. If you use TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams, it is easy to open your data streams in Spotfire.

In this article you will learn how you can view and open your data streams directly in Spotfire


Here are some things you need before you can access your data streams in Spotfire:
  • Your subscriptions for TIBCO Cloud ™ Data Streams and TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire must both be in the same organization and in the same region on TIBCO Cloud ™ .
  • You need to have access to a data stream in TIBCO Cloud ™ Data Streams. Depending on your role, you can either create a data stream yourself, or have a team member in your organization create one.
  • Make sure that your data stream is running.

    You cannot open a stream that is not running in Spotfire. If your stream is not running you have to start it in TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams.


In Spotfire, you can browse and select from all the data streams you have access to in TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams. Your data streams are available directly in the Files and data flyout.

  1. To open the Files and data flyout, click .
  2. Select TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams.
  3. In the list of streams, double-click to open the stream you want to open.
  4. In the Views in connection dialog, you can select what data you want to access from the data stream. Select the columns you are interested in, and then click OK.
  5. The final step is a summary view of the data you are about to add to your analysis. To finish and add the data table, click OK.


The data you selected from the data stream is added as a streaming data table in your Spotfire analysis.
Tip: To learn more about streaming data in Spotfire, see Working with streaming data in the Spotfire Analyst User's Guide.


The TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams button is not available
If you cannot see the TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams button in the Files and data flyout, one of the following common reasons might be the cause:
  • You're using an on-premises version of Spotfire. At this time, only the TIBCO Cloud™ version of Spotfire can access TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams the way that is described in this article.
  • You do not have an active subscription for TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams.
  • Your TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams subscription is not in the same region as your TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire subscription. The subscriptions also have to be in the same organization.
  • You’re working offline. You have to be connected to TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire server to be able to access your data streams.
There's a warning icon and I can't open my stream
To be able to open a data stream in Spotfire, the stream must be started and running. If a stream is not running, you can still see it in the list in Spotfire, but you cannot open it. A stream that is not running is highlighted with a yellow warning icon .
Tip: To see more information about the status of a stream, right-click the stream and select View details.
Starting a data stream
  1. Open TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams, and in the list of data streams, select your stream. Then click Start.

  2. When the status of the data stream changes to Running, you can open the stream in Spotfire.

Note: Not all users have permission to start and stop streams in TIBCO Cloud ™ Data Streams. It depends on your user role.
I can't see any data streams in the list

If you cannot see any streams in the list in Spotfire, it means that you don’t have access to any streams in TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams. Depending on your role, you can either create a new data stream yourself, or have one of your team members in your oganization create one.

I still see the same data streams after I switched to another organization in the global navigation bar
If you have another set of subscriptions to TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire and TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams in a different organization on TIBCO Cloud™, you must close Spotfire and open it again after logging in to the other organization to refresh the list of data streams that you can see in Spotfire.
The data stream list is not refreshed if you use the organization selector on the global navigation bar from inside Spotfire.
My streaming visualizations are refreshing slowly
If you notice that your visualizations of streaming data are refreshing at a less frequent pace than usual, it might be because a lot of users are using Spotfire at the same time. The refresh rate of streaming visualizations is temporarily reduced when there is a high load on the Spotfire systems.
Best practices
When you use a data stream to build an analysis in Spotfire, remember that your analysis is directly connected to the data stream in TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams. That means that to be able to use and view your analysis in Spotfire, the data stream that you’ve used has to be available and running.

Be careful when you delete or stop a data stream in TIBCO Cloud™ Data Streams, especially if you know that the stream is used in a Spotfire analysis file.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
This help describes the web client version of Spotfire on TIBCO Cloud™. If you're looking for documentation for the installed client or other versions of Spotfire, visit the TIBCO Documentation Portal.

There you can find help for your version of Spotfire Analyst or Spotfire Business Author.