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Sorting values in a cross table

In a cross table, the calculated values in the columns as well as the rows can be sorted.

You can sort the values in ascending or descending order. In hierarchically structured cross tables, the sorting of values is made within each of the smallest subcategories.
Note: A global sorting of the values in a cross table column can be performed as well, that is, a sorting that ignores any specified hierarchy.


  1. Click the header of the cross table column or row that contains the values you want to sort.
  2. In the opened menu, beneath Sorting, click to sort from lower to higher values, or click to sort the from higher to lower values.
    The values are sorted, and an arrow in the header indicates in which order.
    Note: If the cross table is structured hierarchically, the values are sorted within each of the smallest subcategories. See the example at the bottom.
    Note: You can click None to return to the default order.
    Tip: You can press Shift + click the header to switch the sort order.


The cross table below displays data hierarchically on the horizontal axis as well as on the vertical axis. It shows quarterly sales figures for 2016 and 2017, split by location and gender.
Cross table
If you click a column header, for example Q3 in 2016, and select in the menu, the values are sorted from lower to higher values within the last subcategories of the hierarchy. That is, the male and female sales figures are sorted in ascending order within each store location.
Sorted cross table
If you instead click a row header, for example Male in New York as shown below, and select in the menu, the values within each of the last subcategories, Q1-Q3 2016 and Q1-Q3 2017, are sorted in an ascending order.
Sorted cross table

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