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Viewing conversations

Depending on what you want to do, you may choose different ways of accessing and viewing conversations and their comments.

For example, you may be looking for an overview of which conversations have been held in the analysis, or you may want to view, or comment on, a specific conversation in its context.

Note: To access conversations, the collaboration mode must be turned on. If it is not activated, click Collaboration Comments icon on the menu bar.

View conversations in the Conversations panel

The Conversations panel provides an overview of existing conversations. You can

  • list all conversations in the analysis
    • Click Threads button on the collaboration toolbar, and all conversations are listed.
  • list only conversations started within a specific visualization
    • Select the visualization in question in the drop-down list at the top of the panel.
    • Alternatively, click the Show conversations on this visualization button in the visualization title.

In the panel, each conversation is represented by its initial comment. If you click toggle arrow in the lower right of the initial comment, all replies in the conversation are shown (the current number of replies is indicated). Clicking collapses the conversation thread again.

You can use the search field to locate conversations.

View conversation in its context

Mostly it is relevant to show the comments in a conversation in the context in which they were made. Anytime you click a conversation in the Conversations panel, the conversation opens in its associated analysis state, that is, in the context the first comment was posted.

When clicking a reply that includes an analysis state, the conversation opens in the state associated with the reply. This works not only when clicking replies in the Conversations panel but also when clicking replies in conversations displayed in context.

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