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Sorting columns with display values

If you define display values, data in visualizations that use them will, by default, be sorted by the alphabetical order of the display values. However, it is also possible to use display values but to show the data sorted by the original values. This gives you the opportunity to, for example, sort the bars in a bar chart by another column, or using a custom expression.

Note: When you sort data based on the display values, this is a purely visual change; any calculations are always based on the original values. If you add any expressions that rely on the order of the data, such as OVER expressions, the sorting will always be based on the original values (regardless of what has been selected in the Display values dialog).


See Setting display values based on other columns for generic information about display values.


  1. On the authoring bar, click Data in analysis , and click on the column you want to change the display values for.
  2. In the expanded flyout, make sure that Details on selected column is selected.
  3. In the lower part of the expanded flyout, click the settings button next to Display values .
  4. In the Display values dialog, select whether to Sort on display values or to Sort on original column values.

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