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Creating a horizontal bar chart

The bars in a bar chart are by default vertical. You can change the vertical orientation of the bars to horizontal.

Vertical and horizontal bar chart
Tip: In a vertical bar chart, long names of column values on the Category axis can be cut off. This can be avoided if you switch to a horizontal bar chart, where long names can be split into more than one row. You can also place the cursor on the scale line and, when the cursor appearance changes, drag it to make room for long names.


A vertical bar chart is created.

You can switch between a vertical and horizontal orientation anytime, that is, before, meanwhile, or after adjusting the bar chart properties.


  1. Place the cursor on the Category axis.
    The axis is highlighted.
  2. Click the highlighted area to access a pop-up menu.

    Category axis pop-up
  3. Beneath Orientation, click Horizontal bars button.
    Note: If you want to change the horizontal orientation of the bar chart to vertical, repeat step 1-2 above, and then, beneath Orientation, click Vertical bars button.

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