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Adjusting the drawing order of markers

When markers cover each other, partly or totally, it can be useful to specify an order in which the markers are drawn. Markers of certain interest can then be brought forward in the visualization, and other markers backward.

When adjusting the default drawing order, you let the values in a specified data column define the order in which the markers are drawn. For numerical columns, markers representing the lowest values can be drawn first and the highest last or vice versa, and for text-based columns, the drawing order can be alphabetical. However, it is possible to change the sort order of the values in a column.

An example of adjusting the drawing order follows. The visualization to the left shows the default drawing of the markers that are colored by a specified column. The visualization to the right is identical except for the drawing order of markers. By using the color column also for defining a drawing order, the blue markers have been drawn first, then the green markers, and last the yellow markers on top of the others.

Examples of different drawing orders


A visualization with markers is created. It can be a scatter plot or a map chart with markers.


  1. Right-click the visualization with markers, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is shown.
  2. Click Drawing order.
    The Drawing order section is shown.
    Drawing order section
  3. In the Drawing order by list, select the data column to use for defining in which order markers should be drawn.
    The markers are drawn using the sort order of the column values.


The markers are drawn using the sort order of the column values.
Tip: If you want to draw the markers in the opposite order, select the Reverse drawing order of markers check box. Front markers will then be sent backwards and vice versa.

Reversing the drawing order in the upper-right visualization will draw the yellow markers first and the blue markers last.
Reverses drawing order of markers

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