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Preparing a report

Reports of an analysis can be prepared in advance, and then exported to a PDF document.

The content of a report, and its appearance, can be customized using different report settings. Because all report settings are saved within the report itself, you only need to click Export to create the PDF document; no further adjustments are made.
Note: While working on the report, the preview will reflect your settings. For performance reasons, the preview might not be available until you click Update preview in the preview area.


  1. On the menu bar, select File > Export > To PDF.
    The Export to PDF dialog is displayed.
  2. Beneath What to export, make sure Prepared report is selected.
  3. Click New.
    The report settings are available.
  4. Give the report a Title, and type a Description (optional).
  5. Beneath Contents, make sure the analysis pages and individual visualizations you want to include in the report are listed in the Selected contents pane. You include, or exclude, items by dragging them between the Available contents and Selected contents panes.
    Initially, all pages in the analysis are listed in the Selected contents pane.
    Tip: You can re-order the items in the Selected contents pane by dragging them to the wanted positions.
  6. For an individual visualization that is added to the Selected contents pane, move the cursor over it, and click . Then make the settings that are specific for the type of visualization. For information about the settings, see Exporting a visualization and include non-visible content.
  7. If you want to export different views of the analysis, that is, repeat pages and visualizations over bookmarks or filter values, follow the instructions in Repeating pages and visualizations over bookmarks and Repeating pages and visualizations over filter values.
  8. Specify, using the check boxes at the bottom of Contents, whether or not Filtered values, Marked items, and Annotations from the analysis should be included in the report.
  9. Specify what content to display in Headers and footers, and put your visual style to them.
  10. Beneath PDF page setup, specify settings related to the layout of the report.
  11. Click Save.


The prepared report is available for selection beneath What to export in the Export to PDF dialog.

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