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Exporting specific analysis pages

You can export a selection of the analysis pages to a PDF document.

To export all pages, see Exporting an entire analysis, and to export the page that is currently visible in the analysis, see Exporting a single analysis page.


  1. On the menu bar, select File > Export > Export to PDF.
    The Export to PDF dialog is displayed.
  2. Beneath What to export, select Specific pages.
  3. In the text field, type the numbers of the pages and/or page ranges that you want to include in the PDF document, for example, 4, 5, 7-10, and press Enter. The page tab furthest to the left in the analysis is page 1, the second left is page 2, and so on.
    Note: It is possible to export only a single page by typing its number.
  4. If you want, use the general settings in the dialog to modify the PDF output.
  5. Click Export.


The created PDF document is downloaded to your computer.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
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