Search Results

Using list box filters

The list box filter is used to select a few values from a very long list of values present in the data column.

You select the values you want to keep, meaning that only rows with these values remain in the visualization. At the top of list the (All) option is provided, if no values should be filtered out.

It is possible to search for values. Type a text string in the field above the list. Various search rules are described in Using text filters.


  • Select values in the list by clicking them.
    • To select a consecutive group of values, click the first value, press Shift, and then click the last value.
    • To select non-consecutive values, press Ctrl, and then click each separate value.

Showing number of filtered values

The grey indicator on the right hand side of the filter shows where your selected values are located in the whole list. If you hover with the cursor over the indicator, a tooltip is displayed that shows how many values have been chosen in the list.

Using a different version of Spotfire?
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