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Changing order of color rules

A visualization can contain several color rules. You can change in which order they are applied.

The order, which can be viewed in the legend, is important, because an upper color rule takes priority over a lower rule.


  1. Right-click the visualization, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is displayed.
  2. Click Color.
    The Color section is displayed.
  3. Beneath Color items, click and drag the color rule to the new position.


The new order of the color rules is applied.

Example of rule priority

The bar charts below show the sales of different fruits and vegetables. In both the charts, two color rules are added. One color rule is defined to display the two highest bars in yellow, and the other color rule to display bars between 700 and 900 in red. Note the different orders of the color rules, and the different coloring.

One bar, 'Pears', fulfils the conditions in both the rules. However, in the first bar chart, the 'Top 2 rule' overrides the 'Between 700 and 900' rule, and in the second bar chart, the opposite priority is applied.

Note: If a color rule does not have any affect on the visualization, it is not listed in the legend.

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