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Using text filters

The text filter is used to filter to values that match an entered text string.

You type a text string in the field. Only rows with values matching the text string remain in the visualization. Below you find tips on how to search for wanted values:
  • The text filter is not case-sensitive.
  • A blank space between two search words will result in rows containing both words.
  • Search for june OR may to find rows containing either of those months.
  • Use *son to search for rows ending in "son" (Anderson, Jamesson, etc.), and use *sun* to search for rows containing the letters "sun" somewhere (Sunday, Asunder, etc.).
  • Use quotation marks "sample batch alpha" to search for explicit phrases.


  1. Type the text in the field.
  2. Press Enter.


Assume you have a data column with all the months of the year, that is, January, February, March, ..., and December. Below you can see which values remain after typing different text strings.
Typed in Text Filter Filtered rows
j January, June, July
ju June, July
jun June
june June

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