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Adding a zoom slider

Zoom sliders are used to get a closer look at details in your visualization.

The line charts below illustrate the use of a zoom slider. The line chart at the top shows sales from Q1 2015 to Q4 2016.

By adding a zoom slider to the line chart, and then adjusting it by dragging its handles, you can look closer at, for example, the quarters in 2016.


  1. Right-click the visualization, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is shown.
  2. Click Axes.
    The Axes section is shown.
  3. Beneath the axis you want to supplement with a zoom slider, select Show zoom slider.
    A slider is added to the axis.
  4. Zoom in to details by dragging the handles of the zoom slider.
    Tip: You can grab the gray part of the zoom slider and drag the slider to the left or right to pan horizontally.

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