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Duplicating a layer

One way to add a layer to a map chart is to duplicate an existing layer. You can duplicate layers from any map chart in the analysis.


  1. Right-click the map chart visualization, and from the menu, click Properties.
    The Properties popover is displayed, with the Map chart popover showing the current layers, in their layer order, top to bottom.
  2. Click Duplicate layer. To add a copy of a layer from the same map chart, select the layer you want to duplicate before you click Duplicate layer.
  3. To duplicate the layer that is currently selected in the Map chart popover, click Selected layer. To add a copy of a layer from another map chart, select Layer from another map chart, then locate and select the layer you want to duplicate.
    The duplicated layer is added to the map chart.
  4. Optionally, drag and drop the layer to a new position on the list.

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