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Showing gridlines

You can add gridlines to the visualization background to make it easier to get a reading of the value for an item. Gridlines are dotted lines that are drawn horizontally or vertically from the tick marks on numerical axes.

The visualizations are by default drawn without gridlines. Gridlines can be added on the value and category axes in bar charts, and the X- and Y- axes in line charts, combination charts, and scatter plots provided that the axes represent numerical values. Examples of visualizations with gridlines are shown below.
Visualizations with gridlines


  1. Place the cursor on the numerical axis.
    The axis is highlighted.
  2. Click the highlighted area to access a pop-up menu.
    Pop-up with gridlines settings
  3. Select Show gridlines from each value.
    Note: If you want to remove the gridlines, repeat the steps above.

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