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Changing the data type of a column

The data type determines the possible formats for the values in a column and sometimes it also limits which axes a column can be placed on, and the operations that can be done with the column. If the data type is wrong, you may be unable to use your data the way you want. It is easy to change the data type in the expanded data panel.


You must have some data loaded in the analysis and the Data panel must be shown.


  1. In the Data panel, click on the column of interest and click on the Expand data panel for tools and details button, Expand data panel for tools and details..
  2. In the expanded data panel, locate the Data type section and change the data type.
  3. In some cases, you may also need to click on the Settings button, Settings button., to define how the values in the column should be converted to the new data type.
    Different conversions require different settings. For example, if you want to convert a String into a Date you may need to specify the locale used in the string, or, define how the date should be interpreted using a custom format string.


The data type is immediately updated, both in the data panel and in any visualizations.