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Removing operations in the Source view

Some operations on your data can be removed in the source view.

For example, if a transformation has been added using the installed client but it is no longer applicable, you can remove it. Or, if you have deleted rows or columns from the analysis and you want to bring the missing data back, you can remove the delete-operation. To remove data sources or added rows/columns, see Removing a data source from a data table.


  1. In the Data panel, click the Expand data panel for tools and details button, .
  2. Click Source view.
    If you cannot see the source view button, you may need to click the Go to data table view link first.
  3. In the source view of the expanded data panel, click on the node where the transformation or operation you want to remove was applied.
    If there is an error in a transformation you will be guided to the affected node and transformation group by red error icons.
    Note: If the transformation was added on a data loading-step, you will not be able to remove it from the web client. However, in an installed client, you can choose to edit the transformation and remove one or more transformations from the data loading-step.

    Details about the selected node are shown in the bottom left part of the source view.

  4. For the operation you want to remove, click on .

Example: Removing a 'replace value'-operation that is no longer applicable

In this example, the creator of the analysis used the 'replace value'-transformation to fix a spelling error in the data table. However, at a later stage, someone updated the data in the linked source and the 'replace value'-operation was no longer needed:

There is an information icon on the node, as well as on the 'replace value'-operation in the step list. A tooltip gives you information about the issue:

Click on to remove the operation.