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Hiding a layer

You can hide a map layer temporarily in a map chart visualization. This can be useful when you are configuring the map chart, because you can see what effect a certain setting has on a specific layer. Users who are not viewing the map in Edit mode, can also hide a map layer from the Layers drop-down.


  1. Right-click the map chart visualization, and from the menu, click Properties.
    The Properties popover is displayed, with the Map chart popover showing the current layers, in their layer order, top to bottom.
  2. Place the cursor on the map layer to hide.
    Two icons are displayed to the right of the name: an eye ( eye icon) and an X.
  3. Click the eye icon to hide the layer.
    The layer is hidden and the layer beneath it is visible.
    Note: To restore the layer, click the eye icon again.


This animation demonstrates hiding a layer.

Animation showing hiding a layer