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TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire® User's Guide

In this guide you will learn how to get the most out of TIBCO Cloud™ Spotfire®. You will also learn tips on how to get started with analyzing data as well as detailed information on what you can do, and how.

You can present data as different visualizations and interact with the visualizations in various ways to gain more insight about the data. In addition, your analyses can easily be shared with others both inside and outside your organization.

Getting started

To get a quick start, see

Using Recommended visualizations

You do not need to create visualizations from scratch. When adding data and selecting data columns of interest, you are presented with recommended visualizations. Simply choose visualizations you find suitable, and use them as they are, or adjust them to suit your needs. Besides, you can anytime during your session get this assistance to create visualizations. Click Recommendations button in the toolbar to access Recommended visualizations.

Learning more

In the help topics available in the Contents pane to the left, you can learn what is possible to do, and how to do it. Examples are provided to inspire you to further investigate what you can achieve.

Note: When you are working with analyses in TIBCO Spotfire® Consumer or TIBCO Spotfire® Business Author, you cannot use the zooming that comes with your browser (CTRL + mouse wheel). Map charts have their own navigation controls that let you zoom.