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Data table view

The data table view of the expanded Data panel gives you an overview of all columns in the selected data table. In this view, you can replace or delete the data table, edit the data table name, or, add rows, add columns or calculated columns to the data table.

In the Data panel, click Expand data panel for tools and details, . If no column was selected, then you will see the Data table view directly. If a column was selected, click Go to data table view.

You can double-click on a value in the data table view to replace it. See Replacing a value for more information.

If you need more information about how the data table has been created, you can click on the Source view button.

In this example, a data table with multiple columns is shown.

There are a number of different things you can do with your data table in this view.

Number Icon Tooltip/field Description

Rename data table Enables editing of the data table name.

Sort order in data panel Changes the display of columns in the data panel. Choose from: Categorized, No sorting,

Ascending or Descending views.


Replace data table Replaces the entire data table with new data of your choice.

Delete data table Deletes the data table.
Tip: If you want to keep transformations and operations done after the data was first added, you should consider replacing the data source instead of replacing the entire data table.
5 [Column name] Click on a column name  (shown in blue at the top of the data table) to go to the

column view for that particular column.


Source view Switches the view of the data from a table view to a source view. In the source view, you can click on different nodes to see which operations have been performed on the original data to obtain the current data table. Most of the times you can also edit settings for a particular node.

Add columns

You can add more columns to the data table if more information is available from a different source. See also Adding columns to a data table.


Add calculated column You can also add calculated columns to the data table by using current columns in an expression.

Add rows

You can add more rows to the data table if more information is available from a different

source. See also Adding rows to a data table.