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Navigation in the map chart

You can navigate the map chart by zooming, panning, and searching.

Navigation controls for zooming and panning are located to the right in the visualization. You can zoom in or out by clicking the plus and minus sign respectively, or by dragging the slider to the wanted zoom level. You can also use the mouse wheel to zoom in or out.

You can switch between marking mode and panning mode by clicking the square and hand buttons respectively.

When in marking mode, you can mark items and features by using single click, Rectangle marking, Lasso marking, or Radius marking.
Marking options

When in panning mode, you can sweep the map in different directions by clicking and dragging. You can also pan the map stepwise by clicking the arrows on the topmost circle. This works in both modes.
Note: In panning mode, you can only mark a single item at a time.

Return to the original view by clicking in the center of the topmost circle in the control.

You can also use the search field to find locations on the map and navigate to them.

Tip: If you want to automatically zoom to filtered markers or shapes as you filter, right-click in the map chart and select Auto-zoom. Note that all other zooming is disabled when auto-zoom is enabled.