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Creating a side-by-side bar chart

In a side-by side bar chart, the bars are split into colored bar segments. The bar segments are placed next to each other.

Side-by-side bar chart

The bars in a bar chart can be split into colored segments as described in Creating a stacked bar chart. In a stacked bar chart, the bar segments within a category bar are placed on top of each other, and in a side-by-side bar chart, they are placed next to each other. Because they are placed next to each other you can easily compare their heights.


A stacked bar chart is created.


  1. Place the cursor on the Category axis.
    The axis is highlighted.
  2. Click the highlighted area to access a pop-up menu.

    Bar chart pop-up
  3. Select Side-by-side bars.


The bar chart below shows the side-by-side bars display option of the bar chart in the image above. Note that the scale of the Value axis adapts to the heights of the bar segments.
Side-by-side bar chart example

Note: You can turn a side-by-side bar chart into a stacked bar by selecting Stacked bars in the pop-up menu.