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Filtering data using the Data panel

In your analysis, you can filter to data in which you are particularly interested and filter out the rest. The filtering can be handled from the Data panel.

For more information, see Filtering data.


  1. If the Data panel is not visible, click the button in the toolbar.
  2. In the Data panel, move the cursor over the column containing the values you want to filter out, and click the button that appears.
    Note: If you are working with in-database tables, click the Click to create a filter button that appears.
    The filter associated with the column opens. One type of filter is shown below.

  3. Use the opened filter to specify which column values to keep and which values to filter out.
  4. Repeat from step 2 to filter data in another column.
    Information about which columns have been filtered, and to which values, is available at the bottom of the panel. If you want to modify what has been filtered in a filter, you can open the filter also from there by simply clicking it.

    Note: Any filtering action in the Data panel also updates the filters in the Filters panel.


The data table below lists how much money each customer spent last time they visited a store. Also the customer's age and gender are registered.

What if you are interested in only showing purchases made by female customers between 40 and 50? Simply filter to these particular values using the Data panel as shown below.

The data table, and every visualization based on it, will adjust to visualize only this limited part of the loaded data.