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Adding a calculated column

Calculated columns allow you to combine or recalculate one or more columns with aggregation measures and/or mathematical expressions. This way, you can create new columns with more information based on your available data.


  1. In the Data panel, click the column of interest and click Expand data panel for tools and details, Expand data panel for tools and details..
    If a single column was selected in the Data panel, you may need to click the Go to data table view link to see the data table view.
  2. In the data table view of the expanded data panel, click Add calculated column to the right.
    Add column from expression.
  3. In the Add calculated column dialog, type the expression of interest.
    For more information about which types of methods you can use, see Functions and Operators.
    Tip: When you start typing, autocomplete functionality will suggest names of functions or column names, matching those characters you have written. Click a suggestion, and it will be added to the expression.
  4. Beneath Column name, give the added column a proper name.
  5. Click OK.