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Specifying the header orientation and header text alignment

A column header can be displayed horizontally or vertically in the table visualization. You can also specify the horizontal and vertical alignment of the text within the header.

An example of a table visualization with horizontal and vertical headers is shown below.

By changing to a vertical header orientation for narrow columns, the screen estate can be used more efficiently. See also Changing width of an individual column in a table.


  1. Click the column header you want to adjust the orientation or text alignment for.
  2. In the opened pop-up menu, beneath Header, select the Style this individually check box, if you want only this column header to be adjusted. If the check box is not selected, all column headers are adjusted.
  3. Use the buttons beneath Header to specify the horizontal and the vertical alignment of the header text, and the header orientation.


The orientation of the header and the alignment of the header text for the column or columns in question are adjusted accordingly.