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Setting map chart properties

The map chart contains properties for title and description, zooming (or controlling navigation), trellis views, and the legend display. Each layer also contains a number of properties specific to the layer. You should review and define the properties for the map chart itself as well as for all layers.


Create a map chart visualization using data providing geographical context.


  1. Right-click the map chart visualization, and from the menu, click Properties.
    The Properties popover is displayed, with the Map chart popover showing the current layers, in their layer order, top to bottom.
  2. Click the label Map chart at the top of the layer list to review the generic map chart properties.
    The Properties popover for the map chart is displayed.
  3. Set the properties of interest to control the map chart display.
  4. Click on other layers in the layer list to review or edit layer specific properties.

Map chart example

The following fictitious example illustrates three managers of four restaurants each, and their performance for the year 2015. The visualization displays the map chart with the following properties.

  • Title and description provide information about the map.
  • The zoom option is set (but not triggered).
  • The legend is displayed on the right.
  • The map chart has a three-panel trellis option, showing restaurants that meet conditions defined by the specified column (manager).

image showing setting for map chart