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Adding data from Google Analytics to an analysis

If you have access to a Google Analytics account, you can add Google Analytics data to your analyses.


You must have access to a Google Analytics account.
Tip: If you already have some data from Google Analytics in your analysis and you want to add some more, you can follow the steps in Editing a data connection instead. This way, you only need to log in to a single data connection instead of several.


  1. On the toolbar, click Add data, .
  2. Select Google Analytics.
    The Load data from Google Analytics dialog is opened.
  3. Continue to Step 3 in the help topic Creating a new analysis from Google Analytics data to finish adding data from Google Analytics.
    Tip: If the data you are about to add matches existing in-memory data in the analysis, then you will be recommended to add the new data as rows in a matching data table, instead of as a new data table. It is often easier to visualize the data if you have a single data table, so use the recommended solution whenever possible. See also Adding rows to a data table.