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Sorting bar segments by value

You can sort the bar segments within stacked bars by height.

The highest segment within a bar is placed at the base, and the lowest segment at the top.
Sorting bar segments


A stacked bar chart, or a 100% stacked bar chart, is created.


  1. Right-click the bar chart, and select Properties in the opened menu.
    The Properties pop-over is shown.
  2. Click Layout and sorting.
    The Layout and sorting section is shown.
    Layout and sorting section
  3. Select the Sort bar segments by value check box.


The bar segments are sorted by height within each bar.
Note: If you want to sort the bars the other way around, that is, place the lowest segment at the base of the bar and the highest segment at the top, select also the Reverse bar segment order check box.
Reversed sort order of bar segments