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Changing a column name

The column name is shown in table headers and on the axes of other visualizations. With a proper column name it is easier to understand what a visualization shows. Authors can rename columns in the Data panel.


You must have data loaded in the analysis and the Data panel must be shown.
Tip: If you only want a different name on an axis in a specific visualization, you can change the display name instead.


  1. In the Data panel, click on the column of interest and click on the Expand data panel for tools and details button, Expand data panel for tools and details..
  2. In the expanded data panel, click on the icon with a pencil to the right of the column name.
    Editing a column name in the expanded data panel.
    Tip: You can also double-click on the column name to enable editing.
  3. Type a new name for the column and finish by pressing Enter.
    The column name is updated in all visualizations.